Worried about mental health claims?

Only 1% of denied claims get appealed, so don’t lose your chance to avoid medical debt. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to get your mental health claims taken care of.

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    Planning on mental health treatment?

    Counseling, Therapy, IOP, PHP — can very be expensive — particularly if you don’t know if your insurance has you covered. And many RTC facilities require upfront out-of-pocket payments before you can submit your claim to health insurance for reimbursement. But if your mental health claim gets denied? That’s where aJust comes in.

    Our success rate is over 90%

    Why shoulder the burden of negotiating mental health rehab bills if you don’t have to? aJust communicates and negotiates expertly on your behalf. We’re successful in almost all the cases we take on!

    We will handle it

    Analyze the bill and determine approach

    Communicate and negotiate with the hospital / provider on your behalf

    Save up to 90% on your Medical Bills

    Let us fight for you!

    We are experts at negotiating with hospitals and providers to reduce medical bills.  Let us help you in this fight and get your money back.

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    How do I get help with a mental health claim?

    What if my insurance won’t reverse a rehab claim denial?

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