About us

At aJust Solutions, we simplify the insurance claims and appeals process for you, the policyholder. We want to make getting the reimbursement you deserve for the healthcare you need as pain-free as possible.


Our mission

To make the process of filing health insurance claims and appeals simple

Whether it is trying to be sure that your claim is filed correctly or figuring out what to do when a claim is denied can be very frustrating. Trying to navigate the complexities of the health insurance system for answers can be difficult and confusing and many people do not even attempt to do so. And that is why we formed aJust Solutions.

aJust Solutions can make the healthcare system work better for you. The team at aJust Solutions has many years of experience in healthcare insurance, claims management, and a deep understanding of technology that allows us to efficiently handle the subtle complexities of the healthcare insurance process.


I was filing health insurance claims for physical therapy after knee surgery. The first few claims were paid but all the subsequent claims were denied because “additional documentation was required”. Yet all the claims were virtually identical and I could never get a straight answer from my insurance company as to what “additional documentation” was needed.

I learned that if I wanted to get my claims paid, I would have to become an expert in my insurance company’s processes and commit a significant amount of time to the fight — something that my insurance company assumed that I would not do. I felt that there had to be a lot of people with similar experiences who needed help and aJust Solutions was borne. aJust Solutions has the team, expertise, tools and singular goal of helping you get your claims paid.”