Filing claims
shouldn't feel like rocket science

Between scanners, physical mail, confusing insurance websites, and phone calls – filing health insurance claims can feel impossible to navigate. With aJust, it’s simple. We will file your claims for you.

What is the size of your denied claim or medical bill?

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    With aJust, it takes just 2 minutes

    Simply take a picture of your receipt and fill out your insurance information – and voila!


    We file the claim for you

    We’re experts at filing these claims so you don’t have to be. We complete the right forms, fill out every detail, and file your claim within 24 hours. You will be notified once your claim has been filed.

    Not sure what to do?

    We know how complicated this process is. Share your case with us and we will be able to help you.

    Seamless customer portal

    Once you set up an account, the experience is even more convenient.

    Filing a new claim is as quick and simple as taking a picture. And once you have set up an account, you have a dashboard with all your claims in one place.


    We handle all types of healthcare insurance claims

    Any type of insurance. Any type of healthcare provider.

    image Hospital
    image Substance abuse
    image Optical/Vision
    image Pharmacy
    image Dental
    image Laboratory testing
    image Mental health
    image Doctor
    image Ambulance services
    image Chiropractic
    image Dermatology
    image Physical therapy

    What if my claim was denied?

    We will fight for you. Appeal your denied claim with aJust, and we will take care of the process.

    Appeal a denied claim