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Lower your hospital bill up to 80% - 90%, even if you have insurance. We can review your bills for errors and negotiate to keep money in your pocket.

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What is the size of your denied claim or medical bill?

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    Up to 80% of all medical bills can have errors

    Studies of healthcare billing have found 49% to 80% of bills include at least one mistake. From duplicate billing to incorrect coding and billing for services not rendered, there are several ways that you might be overcharged for healthcare.

    aJust negotiates for you

    We’re here for you every step of the way. We communicate and negotiate with hospitals and providers so you don’t have to. Almost 100% of the time we can significantly reduce your bill.

    We will handle it

    Analyze the bill and determine approach

    Communicate and negotiate with the hospital / provider on your behalf

    Save up to 90% on your Medical Bills

    Let us fight for you!

    We are experts at negotiating with hospitals and providers to reduce medical bills.  Let us help you in this fight and get your money back.

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