Best health insurance denial attorney alternatives

If you believe that your insurance provider has wrongfully denied a claim, you may want to get a lawyer involved. But what if a medical insurance denial attorney is too expensive or won’t take on your case? Try one of these alternatives and get the denial appealed.

What is a Health Insurance Denial Attorney?

A health insurance denial attorney is a lawyer whose expertise lies in helping patients fight unjust health insurance denials. These denied insurance claim attorneys understand an insurance provider’s legal obligations to their members, and step in when these obligations are not being met. If your insurance has denied your claim in bad faith (willfully ignoring their legal obligations), a health insurance denial attorney can help.

What Does a Denied Insurance Claim Lawyer Do?

A denied insurance claim lawyer helps patients navigate legal proceedings when insurance providers have not met their legal obligations by acting in bad faith. If a lawsuit is applicable in your case, a denied insurance claim lawyer can take your insurance company to court. Their intervention can come at any time in the process, from starting an internal appeal to after you’ve exhausted every other option.

Denied insurance claim lawyers are often trained negotiators, so they can lower your medical bills, but they won’t get involved unless there are legal matters at hand. That means that, if your insurance company has acted lawfully when denying your claim, you cannot turn to an attorney to fight the denial.

What is Insurance Bad Faith?

Insurance bad faith is when your insurance acts in a way that is unreasonable and unlawful. This may mean misrepresenting coverage, refusing to cover a legitimate claim, denying claims without providing a valid reason, not communicating properly, or delaying payment.

If you suspect that your insurance provider has denied a claim in bad faith, it’s a good idea to seek legal counsel.

Why Find a Health Insurance Denial Attorney Alternative

If you have a case for a lawsuit, a health insurance denial attorney may be your best bet at getting your claim overturned. It is possible, however, that your insurance company has not acted in bad faith, and therefore a lawyer may not be able to intervene. In the occasion that your insurance provider has mistakenly denied a claim (rather than evading their legal obligations to do so), an attorney will likely not agree to take you on as a client.

When you do take your insurance provider to court, the lawsuit may take months or even years to reach a resolution. If you win your case, you may be entitled to damages from your insurance company, which means extra money on top of the amount for the denied medical claim. If you lose your case, however, you will be responsible for the attorney bills in addition to the medical bills. This makes hiring a health insurance denial attorney quite risky—it is often prudent to explore alternatives that are safer, easier, and faster.


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Best Health Insurance Denial Attorney Alternatives

If a medical insurance denial attorney was unable to take on the battle for you because your claim denial was not a legal issue, try one of these alternatives:


  • Fight it On Your Own. You are entitled to an appeal process with your insurance, so if you’ve received a claim denial you can fight it on your own. This may not be an ideal choice if you are unsure of the insurance denial and appeal system or are uncomfortable negotiating medical bills. This is often the case as navigating the insurance appeal process can be confusing and overwhelming and takes a lot of your time and effort to do correctly. Further, you often only get one chance to file an appeal – a lack of knowledge of the insurance denial system can mean missing your chance to appeal a denied claim!
  • Ombudsman. An ombudsman is an official appointed by the government to act as an independent investigator when businesses are guilty of mishandling their dealings. If you believe a claim was wrongfully denied but you have not been successful with an appeal, you can ask an official from the government to look over your case and make an objective ruling.
  • Medical Billing Advocate. Professional medical billing advocates, like aJust, are experts in health insurance denials and can help you negotiate your bills. They offer different services, such as answering your questions about the denial and appeal processes, facilitating conversations between the health insurance provider and medical facility, and even negotiating down the rate of your bill if appeal attempts are unsuccessful. If you choose aJust, you only owe aJust for their help if they successfully lower your medical bill.

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