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    We take your privacy very seriously. We do not sell your information and use it solely to contact you.

    Have aJust handle your claims for you

    We know that filing medical claims with health insurance companies can be painful and time consuming. aJust was built to change that – we will do all the work for you. Gone are the days of mailing paper receipts, bickering over the phone, and jumping through hoops to get your medical claim paid.


    Fill out the form in 2 minutes

    All you need to do is take 2 minutes to fill out our streamlined form and submit a photo of your receipt.


    Sit back and relax

    We will do the messy work of dealing with health insurance companies. Sit back while we fight for your reimbursement.


    Get your result

    We’ll notify you once you’re all set. You just wait for a response from us or your insurance company.

    What our clients are saying?

    "I tried appealing my claim over and over. I even had an advocate at the insurance company that was supposed to be helping me and they just kept denying it. Frankly, I was about to give up. And I found aJust Solutions on the internet and I made a phone call and we started from there. aJust Solutions did everything. They simply asked me for the information that they needed and I sent it to them and they did all the work."

    Leo S.

    aJust Customer

    Don't be
    overwhelmed by insurance companies

    The process of filing and appealing denied health claims is so confusing and complex that every year Americans lose over $600 billion of money that is rightfully theirs.


    Did you know that


    of appeals to state insurance review boards are approved when properly filed, despite ≈90% being denied by the insurance provider?

    We handle all types of healthcare insurance claims




    Mental health






    Ambulance services


    Laboratory testing




    Substance abuse therapy










    Physical Therapy


    Occupational Therapy

    All types of insurance providers

    Employer-sponsored insurance plans

    Individual insurance plans (typically through ACA)

    Union-sponsored insurance plans

    Medicare and Medicaid

    Veterans Administration

    All types of healthcare providers

    Preferred provider organizations (PPO)

    Health maintenance organizations (HMO)

    Exclusive provider organizations (EPO)

    Point-of-service (POS) plans

    Denied Medical Claims Can Be More Than Just a Nuisance

    Denials from your insurance company may affect your health and your financial situation, in addition to taking up your time! To appeal an insurance denial, you need a solid understanding of the insurance denial system, and that’s where aJust comes in.


    File a claim


    Unlimited claims
    All types of healthcare claims

    Get your money back

    Appeal a denied claim

    If your appeal is partially or fully successful

    Reimbursement amount aJust fee
    aJust fee 15%

    If your appeal is not successful

    No cost to you
    Get your money back

    The Trust We Earned

    Annalise Butler
    Annalise Butler
    7. September, 2022.
    Amazing, got great support and our medical bill supported and external audit of claim covered.
    22. July, 2022.
    It was an expensive bill beyond what I could ever afford to pay, had no idea as to how I was gonna deal with it, these people got my bill down to $0 definitely worth the time.
    Eric Chambers
    Eric Chambers
    15. July, 2022.
    They helped me reduce a $5,500 hospital bill down to $50.
    Matt Skully
    Matt Skully
    1. June, 2022.
    If you are in need of solid assistance with a denied Medical claim against Blue Shield of California, then go with ajust Solutions. I had an emergency Medical procedure out of state and Blue Shield denied the claim. They refused to pay the out of state hospital and the Out of state Doctors, stating my emergency medical procedure was not an emergency. The claim was more than 15k. After numerous phone calls to Blue Shield with no luck, the out of state collection agency started calling and sending notices. I contacted ajust Solutions. These folks gathered all the data about my situation , from Blue Shield, the out of state Hospital and the out of state Doctors. ajust Solutions then submitted an appeal on my behalf to an independent third party that reviewed my case, separate from Blue Shield. After the lengthy wait time for a response, ajust Solutions contacted me and told me I had won my appeal. Blue Shield would now have to pay the bill. What a relief. I would still be making payments to the collection agency if I had not found ajust Solutions. Don't hesitate, let ajust Solutions do the fighting for you when you are up against "Big Medical".
    Philip Bugger
    Philip Bugger
    1. June, 2022.
    we had a communication problem, but got it straight now, our case is to old time wise, but they did give us other ideas

    Secure & Confidential

    All of your data is encrypted at every step in the process. aJust follows HIPAA-compliant guidelines and industry-best practices to ensure your personal data is always confidential and secure.


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